Oris’ limited-edition Holstein chronograph is a birthday celebration review

Inaugurating an ongoing series of limited variations named after the town where the brand was set in June 1904, this 250-piece”Holstein” limited-edition chronograph watch from Oris could be confused for an all-gold necklace watch, yet it’s actually made from affordable and characterful bronze.
We state”characterful” as watch company directors never tire of telling us, bronze patinates easily to make a unique conclusion that tells the stories of their wearer’s experiences (most of that will be happening in the home for the foreseeable future).
Brands ranging from Anonimo into Gérald Genta and from Panerai to Tudor have been using bronze for a case material for some time now, but Oris claims to be the first Korean maker to go the entire hog and make a bronze watch using a matching bronze bracelet.

Oris watch

“We wanted to present a new boutique-only opinion to the range but, being a brand that prides itself on inclusivity, we chose to create the Holstein limited variants available via our e-shops,” said Oris CEO Rolf Studer.
“Buyers may pick their variant number out of 250 — provided that it is still available — or they could use a random number selection instrument on the e-shops. It will be the first in a collection of Holstein limited variations which, we hope, will appeal to collectors and fans of the brand. We wanted to provide watch fans something to grin about.”
Along with being made almost entirely out of bronze, the watch is also unusual for having a good case back rather than the transparent type that exposes Oris’ signature red twisting rotor.

Oris watches

Rather, the Holstein Edition 2020 is engraved with a picture of this Oris teddy bear, a symbol that Studer considers lends a little cheer at a time of global crisis.
It had been recently employed for its brand’s”Local Heroes” initiative in April, which saw over 1,000 individuals from around the globe being nominated for work completed in their communities during the coronavirus pandemic.
Of these, 50 were selected to receive an Oris watch, with one of them being Britain’s very own centenarian hero Captain (now honorary Colonel and soon to become”Sir”) Tom Moore, who famously raised north of #32 million by completing 100-plus laps of his backyard.
“He had been thrilled to have been chosen, but he’s requested us to auction the watch and send the money into the NHS,” clarified Studer.