Omega Is Officially Authenticating Its Own Vintage Watches for sale

There’s no denying that the market for pre owned Swiss watches is robust. By all accounts, it has grown to be substantially larger than the brand new watch market in the past couple of years.
While most important watchmakers have opted to remain beyond the purchasing, selling, and trading of the vintage timepieces, Omega is sensibly inserting itself. The Swiss watch manufacturer announced last week it will now offer certificates of authenticity for pre requisite (and genuine) Omega watches–at the price of about $800 each certificate.

Swiss watches

The certificate will be awarded to some authentic Omega watches timepiece that is older than 30 decades. To procure the certification –that will certainly turn into a must-have accessory for pricier vintage Omegas on the marketplace –owners need to bring their view (es) to one of Omega’s two U.S. flagships, in Costa Mesa, Calif., and New York City, or even send it directly to the brand’s headquarters in Switzerland.
All watches are then sent into the Omega Heritage Team, which accesses historical production documents and servicing policies to confirm that a watch is legit. The team will scrutinize”the present condition of the timepiece and then decide whether it qualifies for a certificate of authenticity,” according to a statement by the manufacturer.

The new certificate differs from the present Extract from the Occupational certification, which offers a client with advice about when their watch was produced. The certification of authenticity specifically provides”long information concerning the authenticity of the opinion in its current state at the time of their certification experience,” according to the brand.
Raynald Aeschlimann, president and CEO of Omega, said in precisely the exact same announcement,”Our ambition is to create more trust for Omega watches inside the classic and pre-owned industry and help to cultivate confidence for men and women that are new to the buying market.” And for owners of classic Omegas, it is a way to bring some official assurance when purchasing, and also add some value to their timepieces.”